Putting it all together

While the other subsections focus specifically on certain aspects of the travel industry, none of them exist exclusively in vacuums. These tutorials are designed to help you make everything come together so that you can have a more comprehensive understanding of how miles and points work together. Because the industry is so complex, I’ve included four more subsections within this one. They are:

  • Aspirational Travel: A collection of how-to guides to help you redeem points for specific, premium, top-of-the-line experiences.
  • Industry Skills: How-to guides that focus on navigating the complexities of the travel industry.
  • Tips & Advice: Short features that offer some tricks to help you travel more comfortably and efficiently.
  • Travel Stories: A series of creative pieces from my own trips and those of other contributors (contact me if you want to be featured!).

Aspirational Travel

  • How To: Fly Cathay Pacific First Class to South Africa for 70k miles
  • How To: Fly higher like the couple in the Beginner’s Guide

Industry Skills

Tips & Advice

Photo Tours & Travel Stories