The gatekeepers of higher flying

Every major credit card issuer offers their own reward point currency for loyal customers, who can then redeem the points they earn for enhanced travel experiences at exceptional values… if they know how to. Don’t get lost in the sauce caused by complicated finance jargon. Instead, consult this subsection to better understand how you can earn and burn the most valuable points (which are offered by American Express, JP Morgan Chase, and Citi), as well as the ones offered by your local bank.

American Express

AMEXBased on its product offerings, its corporate partners, and its marketing strategies, it’s clear that American Express has a strong desire to cater to the travel-happy whims of higher flyers. From novices looking to get started to veterans looking to top off their balances, there is a card for everyone. Once approved, users can enjoy Membership Reward Points to help them accomplish their goals, which can be transferred to an array of partners or used at a fixed ratio instead. I won’t say its impossible to fly higher without AMEX, but its cards make it significantly easier to.

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ChaseChase does not have the largest range of products, nor the greatest number of travel partners, but it makes the most of what it has. Most signing bonuses are industry leading, and the perks included with its cards are exceptional. Its two most famous cards, the Sapphire Reserved and Sapphire Preferred, dominate the market, and they can both be found in the wallets of many higher flyers. It can be a little bit challenging to be approved for a Chase card, with strict regulations (no approvals if you’ve opened more than five accounts in the past two years) and rigorous credit investigations, but an approval all but guarantees that you have access to a top-of-the-line credit card.

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CitiCiti was once considered the standard bearer for elite credit cards. Its premier offering, the Citi Prestige Card, still holds a high reputation today because of the remarkable values that its perks provide users. Beyond that one example though, Citi’s offerings are a little stale, and they lack a sizable roster of useful transfer partners. This issue is compounded when considering that signing bonuses are comparatively low too, and the conditions surrounding them can be a little bit stingy. Nevertheless, the returns on Citi products can be used to elevate travel experiences to higher levels, so don’t ignore this bank when you’re looking for compelling credit cards.

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American Express, Chase, and Citi are all huge players in the realm of higher flying (because they offer flexible points currencies), but that doesn’t mean they have an exclusive tri-opoly in the business though. There are lots of other banks, both big and small, with their own rewards programs that can enable higher flying. Capital One has some compelling products, just as Discover does, and there’s a good chance that your local bank might issue some valuable points too. Because everything in this field is so dependent on points, you shouldn’t pass up opportunities to earn the most you possibly can. It’s important to be familiar with the other companies and their offerings which might help you reach your goals.

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