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Oh, the White House…

Photo of the Week!

F 4; 1/125; ISO 100; 40mm.

Shot on the west side of the Washington Monument — looking northward — in Washington, DC.

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Navigating Madrid-Barajas’s Terminal 4

How far is too far to walk?

It feels weird to be writing a review — even if it is just a mini-review — of walking through an airport.  There’s hardly anything noteworthy (let alone higher flyer) about these experiences, but Madrid-Barajas is a special case.  Its Terminal 4, which serves as the home base for the Spanish flag carrier Iberia, is big, beautiful, and kinda controversial.  The aesthetic of the building is top-notch, but the sprawl of it can be overwhelming.  If you’re going to be flying out of Madrid, well, you’re going to want to prepare for it more than you otherwise would… hence the reason for The Higher Flyer to publish a guide!

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Stillness in Washington

Photo of the Week!

F 4; 1/160; ISO 100; 18mm.

Shot at the Tidal Bason in Washington, DC.

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Cathay Pacific Premium Economy Review

For better and for worse, an embodiment of both “premium” and “economy.”

Most passengers on Cathay Pacific’s long and ultra-long haul flights have to cram in to too-tight seats in the backs of the planes for hours upon hours.  What miserable fates they have!  Fortunately there’s premium economy, which serves as a pain-easing option for some.  You’ll pay more for such relief, sure, but at least the increased comfort comes in the form of a generously-pitched and padded recliner, and what the airline claims to be improved meals, and better, more-attentive service.  Cathay’s offering is no bargain though; it costs more cash than a modestly-priced upsell, and so the return on investment should be abundantly apparent all the time.  That’s regrettably not always the case.

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Looking ahead to spring

Photo of the Week!

F 8; 1/320; ISO 100; 18mm.

Shot near Moab, Utah, at Canyonlands National Park.

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A black and white blizzard

Photo of the Week!

F 8; 1/400; ISO 100; 38mm.

Shot near Jackson, Wyoming, at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

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A Canyon’s Sunrise

Photo of the Week!

F 10; 1/125; ISO 100; 18mm.

Shot near Moab, Utah, at Deadhorse State Park.

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Home On The Range

Photo of the Week!

F 7.1; 1/125; ISO 100; 50mm.

Shot at the Home Ranch in Clark, Colorado.

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The coronavirus threatens long-term damage to the travel industry

The Daily Flyer

Welcome to the second edition of “The Daily Flyer,” The Higher Flyer‘s daily newsletter gathering up and summarizing some of the day’s most important happenings in the world of airlines, hotels, award points, and other travel-related things.  Today’s feature — for February 12, 2020 — covers the lesser-noticed effects that the coronavirus has on the travel industry, as well as an impending reshuffling in the World of Hyatt, American Airlines’s roll out of a less-crappy Oasis product, and a glimpse in to Delta’s future at Tokyo Haneda Airport.

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