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2017 Guide: Singapore Airlines


Singapore is a modern day city-state, and despite being no more than a tiny island at the tip of Malaysia, it is home to one of the world’s premiere airlines. With help from its centrally located hub, Singapore Airlines connects passengers to and from every inhabited continent. It is efficient in its operations, and is considered to be the second largest carrier in the world, as measured by market capitalization. Singapore Airlines isn’t famous for its convenience though; its business class is undoubtedly the best in the world, and its offerings in first, premium economy, and standard economy classes are among the industry leaders too. The only thing better than your seat is the quality of the care you’ll receive. Singapore Airlines prides itself on its in-flight service and accommodations — check out its marketing materials if you don’t believe me, many prominently feature flight attendants in action — and you won’t be disappointed by it. Add in a versatile loyalty program (KrisFlyer), and you have an airline that should be on every higher flyer’s radar.

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2017 Guide: Air Canada


Despite enduring significant financial troubles throughout the 2000s — it entered bankruptcy once and had another close call later on — Air Canada has since rebounded and is currently in the middle of a renaissance. With brand new planes, kind service, and a decent loyalty program, Canada’s flag carrier is far and away the best North American legacy carrier. While Delta and Alaska may be worthy competitors, neither of them can offer the value that their counterparts from the North can. Add in a weak Canadian Dollar (1 CAD = ~0.75 USD), and flying Air Canada frequently becomes the most affordable option too, especially on international segments. If you don’t mind connecting via Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal, higher flyers can’t go wrong with Air Canada.  Continue reading “2017 Guide: Air Canada”

Top 10: Questions about alliances

Alliances play huge roles in higher flying, and in order to really elevate your travels, it’s best to understand how they operate and shape the industry. The strategic partnerships formed between airlines all over the world create unique opportunities and easily allow passengers to go to places in ways that would otherwise be much more difficult and/or expensive. Despite how useful alliances can be, they’re not particularly easy to understand, and I often get a number of questions about their basic functions. To help clear up some confusion, here’s a list of FAQs!

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2017 Guide: United Airlines


For higher flyers, United Airlines arguably offers the greatest potential for enhancing your travel experiences and flying higher. Not only is it the best among the Big 3, it’s also one of the best in the world. Continue reading “2017 Guide: United Airlines”

Tokyo Narita United Club Review

After our exhausting 13 hour flight from Washington, my father and I were eager to visit the United Club at Tokyo Narita for some food, some drinks, and some showers. We made our way from our arrival gate, 36, to the transfer desk to collect boarding passes for the next leg. We were directed to clear security again, but thankfully, the lines were short and the officers were efficient. Soon enough, we were on our way down an escalator, and at the bottom of it, we found ourselves in front of the entrance to the United Club. Continue reading “Tokyo Narita United Club Review”

2017 Guide: Star Alliance


Many argue that Star Alliance is the best of the three alliances. With 27 member airlines, it is bigger than both oneworld and SkyTeam, and it correspondingly has far and away the most expansive route map. With the exception of intra-Australian routes and the South Pacific, a Star Alliance carrier has a large presence in any given region on the planet. In addition to that, many airlines have both lucrative frequent flyer mile programs and top-tier first and business class products. These conditions incentivize higher flying on the Star Alliance airlines; it’s usually the easiest on these carriers.

Key Facts

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