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New Years’ Resolutions for 2019 for Higher Flyers

There’s a direct correlation between how happy passengers are and how pleasant air travel is.  For that reason alone, it’s in everybody’s best interest to behave kindly and thoughtfully, and in turn prevent negative energy from spreading about.  But no matter how far or how frequently you fly, you’re still bound to bear witness to some pretty horrendous stuff in both airports and in the skies.  After more than 100,000 butt-in-seat miles in 2018, I experienced my fair share of moments that were uncomfortable at best, downright atrocious at worst.  With every unfortunate event, the same thought lingered in the back of my mind:  “This sure would be more pleasant if people weren’t like this.”  Inspired by those “encounters” from 2018, here are my 10 resolutions for the new year, shared for your consideration going in to 2019…

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Top 10: Questions about alliances

Alliances play huge roles in higher flying, and in order to really elevate your travels, it’s best to understand how they operate and shape the industry. The strategic partnerships formed between airlines all over the world create unique opportunities and easily allow passengers to go to places in ways that would otherwise be much more difficult and/or expensive. Despite how useful alliances can be, they’re not particularly easy to understand, and I often get a number of questions about their basic functions. To help clear up some confusion, here’s a list of FAQs!

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Top 10: Ways to survive long-haul economy class

The image above depicts a long-haul economy class that only exists in the minds of those who work in the Cathay Pacific (or some other airline’s) marketing department. For everyone else, the reality is a cramped and dark environment that’s crammed full with irritating passengers and irritable flight attendants. As the flight goes into its umpteenth hour, you’re uncomfortable from sitting in the same place for hours; you can’t feel your legs anymore and your butt hurts. Meanwhile, you’re floating in and out of consciousness as you try to fend off boredom. The worst moment comes when you’re tired and hungry and miserable, but there are still three hours remaining in your flight. Gah!

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